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Access to the show is by invitation only!

The NCS reserve the right to refuse access.

Date: 18th November 2023

Organisation: Bianca and Michiel Blok (Happy Chin,
Email:, Tel. 0031-6-20320492

Judges: Dhr. Bert Bouwens and Dhr. Jürgen Bernardy


Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Teugel Uden-Veghel
Bedafseweg 22
5406 TM Uden
Telephone: +31(0)413-263 088

- Chinchillas are allowed on the hotelroom, if they stay in the transport boxes!
- Free parking.

Enrolment of the Animals: from 8.00 am to 9.45 hours. All the animals need to be in their
cages at 10.00 am for their health inspection which will be performed by Mr. Bert Bouwens
and Mr. Jürgen Bernardy.

Start show: 10.30 hours.

Fee: € 7,- per animal. (With the minimal amount of € 21,-.)

Showcages: Are provided by the organizers.

Showrules: Standards 4-5 months are being assessed in comparency,
standards 6-7 und +8 months under the 60 points system.
Mutations 4-5 months in comparency, mutations 6-7 und +8 months under the 50 points system.

For further questions or information, send an email to the organisation.